Algolia for Marketplaces

Fast & scalable AI search for marketplaces

Say hello to the search API that understands your customers as well as you do - and implement it in minutes.

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High-powered search functionality designed for marketplaces.

Leading brands rely on Algolia

It’s been a pleasure to actually have a project that starts on time, lands on time, and provides results. It’s also nice to have developers that like the technology they’re working on.

Chloé Martinot

Product Manager, team Search @ ManoMano
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Free up your engineering team

Focus your efforts on value added tasks instead of maintaining and securing a search infrastructure.


  • Fully hosted, managed and secured by Algolia 

  • Speed and relevance at scale-Algolia serves 70B queries/month

  • Near real-time indexing

API first

  • Easy frond-end and back-end integration

  • Fully programmatically configurable

Highly customizable

  • Transparent, fully customizable ranking algorithm

  • Configurable textual relevance to adapt to your user generated content

  • Leverage your 1st party data

Iterate faster

Everything you need to move at the pace and size of a high performing marketplace.

Packaged innovation

  • Continuous optimization of the engine

  • Built-in Query Suggestions, Dynamic Faceting, …

  • Jump-start Voice Search, Personalization initiatives

Developer first

  • Extensive documentation

  • Advanced front-end libraries

  • API clients in 12 languages

Internationalization ready

  • 70+ languages support

  • Geo-distributed infrastructure

  • Easily replicate your data and settings

Business teams run autonomously 

 Merchandising made easy for marketplaces.

Enable your merchandising team to launch promotional campaigns and react to the latest trends across the marketplace, or merchandise specific keywords or category pages, in a few clicks, without the need to involve IT, with an intuitive Merchandising Studio.

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