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Provide VIP service for every customer. Deliver an effortless buying journey by getting the right products to the right person at the right time.

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Seamless and streamlined B2B ecommerce search and discovery experiences.

World’s B2B leading brands rely on Algolia

The speed of Algolia is really one of the things we like the most, along with the Dashboard… And also, we get the help we need to make decisions on things really important to us.

Clint Fischerström

Head of Ecommerce @ Swedol
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Ergodyne was a 5X growth in CTR and a 1.9X growth in search interactions.
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Damstahl saw a 22% increase in conversions. "With Algolia, we have more flexibility...We don’t need a big outside IT department; it’s pretty easy to work with.

Anders Jensen

Manager of Digital & Marketing Operations Damstahl
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Users are able to identify and locate their merchandise in transit using any identifier the customer may have, allowing users to turn what used to take several minutes to locate into milliseconds.
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What Algolia Search can do for you

Get results fast, with AI-powered B2B search and discovery experiences right out of the box.

Automatically surface the best results for each buyer in search or wherever customers browse.

From there, you can customize relevance and create flexible EDIs that ensure customers see only the products they have access to based on their contractual and geographic service limitations, at their agreed-upon pricing.

Outperform competitors by harnessing the potential of your data. Automatically improve search relevance based on user behavior, biasing results towards past preferences of products and categories.

Easily customize your index with just a few clicks make any product attribute searchable, without long development cycles. Take advantage of the Algolia merchandising studio, the centralized no code destination to create and adjust your merchandising strategies with the power of real-time insights.

Benefit from a globally distributed platform

Scalable & reliable

No downtime, let Algolia handle your products and experience thanks to its future-proof infrastructure.

Performance at all levels

Make your users benefit from a fast search and discovery experience and near real-time pricing and inventory updates.

Extend to all your markets

Algolia’s worldwide distributed infrastructure and API approach makes it easy to replicate your experience in new markets.


Benefit from Algolia’s data security and privacy, global availability and support to help you secure and grow your business.

Free up your engineering team


  • Our search API is fully hosted, managed and secured by the Algolia team

  • Speed and relevance at scale-Algolia serves 70B quesries/month

  • Near real-time indexing

API first

  • Easy frond-end and back-end integration

  • Fully programmatically configurable

Highly customizable

  • Transparent, fully customizable ranking algorithm

  • Configurable textual relevance to adapt to your user generated content

  • Leverage your 1st party data

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