Algolia + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Fully-integrated AI search & discovery

Powerful search for B2C Salesforce Commerce customers for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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searches every year


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Salesforce Commerce Cloud search features that deliver results - for users and businesses alike

Integration_unified search

Unified search

Algolia’s API-first approach enables unified experiences across multiple sources of content from Salesforce Clouds & external systems.

Integration_Powerful ai

Powerful AI driven discovery

Together Algolia and Salesforce provide valuable data insights that can be leveraged via APIs across Algolia and Einstein for personalized, real-time contextual search and discovery.


Personalized user experience

Better relevance and recommendations improve 1:1 experience for search and discovery.

Integration_Speed for merchants

Speed for customers and for merchants

Algolia provides improved performance for Salesforce Commerce search with search in under 50 milliseconds, improving experience and outcomes for customers. Algolia also keeps product information fresh, as we are able to fully reindex 50,000 products in a SFCC catalog in under 20 minutes.

Higher revenues

Higher revenues

Customers leveraging Algolia see improved conversion and revenues with our solution – improving conversion rates by 30% (or more).

Integration_Solution Architecture

Solution architecture choice

Only Algolia provides Salesforce Commerce customers with the choice to implement with any experience - customers have the freedom to choose deploy Algolia with their existing Site Genesis or SFRA implementations, or to choose a composable approach, leveraging Algolia with Salesforce’s PWA Kit.

Integration_Greator control

Greater control for business & merchants

Algolia’s dashboard gives business users complete control from tuning and optimizing search and discovery to create the ultimate personalized experience for customers.

Leading brands rely on Algolia

Weight Watcher
The combination of Algolia and Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a critical part of delivering this digital experience across Lacoste platforms globally and has helped double our global sales.

Jérémie Szpiro

Global Digital Director @ Lacoste
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We’ve had great results using Algolia, which has been really easy to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and manage configurations across different countries, and plan on extending its usage from 5 to all 17 online stores in 2020.

David Leveau

Ecommerce project manager @ Ubisoft
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