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Increase user retention with fast and relevant search, powered by Algolia’s Search API.

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Accurate and reliable search functionality for SaaS apps and sites.

Leading SaaS brands rely on Algolia

Weight Watcher
Algolia has become so mission critical for navigating our application that users instantly notice whenever we ship a new enhancement to our Algolia implementation.

Desmond Brand

Director or Engineering @ Flexport
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Algolia’s federated search helps us facilitate seamless customer experiences by empowering our employees to easily and quickly find the relevant information and resources they need to do their job every day.

Brit Atilano

Program manager, IT Operations @ Zendesk
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Empower your devs with SaaS search functionality they can count on no matter what

Search functionality designed with developers top of mind.

Developers first

Save your team time and dev cycles with our extensive documentation. Algolia provides 16 API clients, 9 client libraries, and 5 supported plugins to make it easy to build a consistent search and discovery experience across multiple platforms and devices.

With virtually no risk of downtime, this search functionality is among the most reliable.


With Algolia, you don’t have to worry about search going down. An available 99.999% SLA ensures that you can rely on our APIs, so your team can focus on building great products for your users, rather than on maintaining core services.

Search functionality that can be scaled for any need and for any location around the world.


Whether you’re building an MVP or adding search for millions of users, Algolia provides you with the search stack that scales to your use case. With 70+ data centers across 17 regions, Algolia gives your users a lightning-fast search experience anywhere in the world. 

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