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More than 17,000 customers in 150+ countries trust Algolia

Culture King
We chose Algolia because its APIs are super-easy to work with and very well documented. Also, our goal is very scalable; Black Friday last year we had 450,000 concurrent users on side during the busiest period. Having somebody that can scale up with us is really, really important. And we like how Algolia innovates. We’re always getting new features.

Ben Pusey

Former Software Product Owner @ Gymshark
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At Nuts.com, we believe in delivering a modern experience that puts the customer first. Search is core to delivering the experience that customers expect. And, since adopting Algolia as our search platform, we’ve seen that customers searching on our website tend to convert three times more than those who don’t.

David Lerner

Head of Digital Product @ Nuts.com
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Algolia is a critical part of the navigation experience on Lacoste platforms globally. Not only does it provide the stellar user experience Lacoste is known for, but it more than doubled our global sales.

Julien Nouet

Global User Experience Manager @ Lacoste
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After implementing search personalization, Decathlon’s team saw a 36% increase in click-through rate and 50% increase in conversion rate.

Richard Migette

E-commerce Project Leader @ Decathlon Singapore
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Use your data to drive conversion

Build ecommerce experiences your buyers respond to, using AI that understands them.

 B2C ecommerce search experiences that drive ROI.

Stop the scroll

Whether you have a hundred SKUs or ten million — quickly show your customers what they need with industry-leading AI Search that understands buyer intent. 

  • Deliver relevant results for all queries, even those in the ‘long tail’

  • Automate category reporting & ranking with Query Categorization

  • Display best-sellers automatically with Dynamic Re-ranking 

  • Make everything searchable — from different product variants to your support and customer service pages

Real-time recommendations and promotions to accelerate ecommerce conversions.

Expand product discovery

Grow cart sizes with AI Recommendations, which proven to increase AOV for search and browse experiences.

  • Maximize cart size with predictive models including “related products” and “frequent combinations”

  • Add personalized recommendations almost anywhere, e.g. on the homepage, product landing pages, or shopping carts

  • Add value with image-based recommendations to help buyers find even more

AI & data-driven insights that power seamless omnichannel ecommerce experiences.

Personalize results to drive sales

Make product suggestions and promotions with AI Personalization that matches your shopper’s interests and preferences.

  • Personalize each buyer’s journey across every shopping touchpoint

  • Cater to every customer type — new and returning — and across sessions

  • Benefit from frequent updates for in-session affinities

Ecommerce merchandise management from a single user-friendly UI.

Inform merchandising with better data

Combine the art of merchandising with the science of algorithms in the Merchandising Studio:

  • Find automations, rules, and analytics in one place

  • Replace scattered spreadsheets with centralized real-time insights

  • Combine AI and human controls

  • All with zero code and 100% business-user friendly

Integrate seamlessly, amplify search with your preferred commerce platform

Algolia powers unified and transformational search and discovery experiences to boost conversions through all major ecommerce platforms.

  • Salesforce: Ready for large catalogs and omnichannel experiences
  • Adobe Commerce: Advanced search capabilities with full transparency & control
  • Shopify: The fastest & most flexible search and recommendations for Shopify stores
  • Bigcommerce: Tailored search experiences with BigCommerce and Algolia
  • Commercetools: Search-as-a-service with on-demand indexing at scale and automated product catalog synchronization.
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The one-stop shop for AI search

Easy to use

Implement our APIs in minutes and gain easy control over ranking.


Search as quick as you type, with the fastest enterprise AI search we know of.


Work with a partner who  handles 30 billion records and 1.7+ trillion searches a year with 99.999% availability.

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B2C ecommerce FAQs

  • Yes, Algolia can index any kind of content (blog posts, FAQ articles, Help Desk pages, …) and make them searchable through your ecommerce site search.

  • Algolia works with a variety of partners in various geographies that have deep experience in ecommerce and that have accompanied many retailers in creating and improving great ecommerce site search experiences. Contact us to know more.